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Product Care

The best way to ensure a product lasts for as long as possible is to take proper care of it. Here is the best way to care for your ECM Hardwoods piece to provide long lasting satisfaction.



  • To clean simply use some warm soap and water and wipe with a damp cloth.

Cutting Boards

  • Wooden cutting boards should be scrubbed well with hot soapy water after use

  • Once a week treat with a solution of two tablespoons of bleach in one gallon of water

  • Treat occasionally with oil to keep from drying out


  • Re-oil your pieces by apply a light coat of oil and letting the wood absorb it

  • The best oils to use are olive oil or mineral oil

  • Do not use vegetable oils as they will turn rancid and impart an off-taste

  • If products become dull go over the product with either very fine mesh steel wool or very fine sandpaper and then coat with oil

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