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The breadboard is sprayed with 1 coat of vinyl sealer and 3 coats of moisture resistant lacquer.   The bread is placed on the trivet and cut so crumbs collect is the tray.  The trivet can be used separately for cooling pies, cakes, cookies etc serving hot entrees directly on a table.   The tray bottom is inset in the wood and works beautifully to serve drinks, hors d'oeuvres etc.  They both can be washed in soap and water.Do not be afraid of cutting on the trivet w a serrated knife as it will not hurt the hardwood. Bread presented on a breadboard at your dining table make it easy for everyone to cut their own slice as well a great conversation piece

Bread Board / Trivet and Tray

  • To see how to care for your ECM prodcut please see the Product Care page Under the More tab.

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